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 Like an alliance of organized crime families, the union known as Darlings of Chelsea is the amalgamation and commingling of Canada’s seediest, most guttural rock/punk masterminds. Culled from legendary mainstays including The Black Halos, Cheerleader, Parkas, Robin Black and the IRS, Scratching Post, CJ Sleez and more, Darlings of Chelsea may only be six months old but the well – or rather, cesspool – of talent and experience within runs extraordinarily deep.
Nothing confirms that more than debut independent release The Mimico Sessions. A stunning collection of tracks ranging from indelibly catchy to raucously engaging, The Mimico Sessions channels the energy and drive of this quintet into a rousing, powerful display of melody and prowess. One is hard-pressed to argue with acclaim deeming Darlings of Chelsea to possess everything from vocals that scream and spit; to feature guitar playing reminiscent of the ghost of Johnny Thunders clashing with Angus Young and exhibit a rhythm section with the ferocity of Keith Moon brawling with Stewart Copeland.
“Darlings of Chelsea is the result of stealing your father’s record collection at age 10, watching thousands of shows, making records and videos in a DIY atmosphere,” declares Robertson. “Our songs hold up because we breathe rock ‘n’ roll every day. What will the result be? Global domination, saving rock music, touring, making great records…the usual.”
And how exactly does such a sinister alliance transpire? The formation of Darlings of Chelsea has been brewing for years. Having played together in some fashion or another over the past decade, it was almost a foregone conclusion biding its time to strike.
“One night we were discussing how there’s a huge lack of really good rock bands in the world,” Thompson notes. “We listen to similar bands such as Turbonegro, The Clash, The Replacements, Refused, MC5 and so on, so it made sense to play together. What sealed it though were The Hellacopters recently retiring and lots of similar bands fading out before they were really heard. There’s a big void in rock music and we intend to fill it.”
The range of influences on Darlings of Chelsea – and by default, The Mimico Sessions – is a veritable who’s – who of rock ‘n’ roll. Keenly put, Nova succinctly sums it up: “A fuck of a lot.” Regardless, with years of shared experience and inherent musical proficiency, the band easily restructures these inspirations into something entirely inimitable on The Mimico Sessions: uncompromising, driving rhythms, raunchy guitars and darkly sweet melodies.
“Our sound is unique, it maintains the edge and character of the underground rock scene that’s been brewing for years but delivers it with a mainstream twist not unlike the Foo Fighters or Queens Of The Stone Age. There aren’t any rock bands that have a lead singer with the British flair of Mick Jagger or Liam Gallagher amalgamating with the rock sounds from Led Zeppelin to Nirvana or punk of The Clash and The Ramones.”
With their sights keenly set on obliterating the current onslaught of saccharine pop/rock, their skills honed to razor-sharp perfection and enthusiasm stoked to hyperactivity on The Mimico Sessions, Darlings of Chelsea are primed for action. The question is…are you?
“Darlings of Chelsea are different,” forewarns Ruckus. “It feels right already. We’ve found a fit where most do not: a band where five guys have all come together from similar yet distinct backgrounds and share a musical vision. It’s fucking brilliant. Every other band I’ve been in was just a test. Every other band you’ve ever listened to was just a precursor
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