Dean Lickyer give classic rock a fresh start

Dean Lickyer Live By: Sheena Lyonnais
June 28, 2009

Very rarely do I come across a band that commands a level of musicianship the way Dean Lickyer do.  The young band (seriously, they’re 19) infuses classic 1960s/1970s rock’n’roll with a fresh energy and perseverance normally reserved for the pros.  They dominate the stage, they command attention and they do it all with a Southern Ontario honesty and charm. 

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Spiral Beach goes Bollywood on upcoming record

Spiral Beach Live By: Sheena Lyonnais
June 28, 2009

Spiral Beach have a lot to talk about: they’ve toured extensively for a young band, been fined for postering in Toronto, had their music featured in the Hollywood film Charlie Bartlett, and have worked with the Hidden Cameras’ Mike Olsen on two records, including their upcoming not-yet-named full-length set for a September release.  

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NXNE: A Weekend in review

North By Northeast By: TJ Liebgott
June 22, 2009

NXNE came into town at the same time as about every other festival and event you could imagine.  Toronto was overwhelmed with not only the five-day music festival, but also Pride week, Edgefest, Big on Bloor and the MMVA’s.  Through all the anarchy and chaos TorontoMusicScene tried to take in as much of the 500-plus bands as possible. Here are some of the highlights:

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Artist Profile: Phatt Al

Phatt AlBy: Tanya Bailey
June 07, 2009

Badass of the mic in the Toronto hip hop music scene, Phatt Al is one of the few pioneers of his craft that can hit you with metal and jazz and have you screaming for more. I had the chance to chat with Mr. Versatility on how he has worked with everyone from the infamous Raggadeath to The Quartertones.  Here is Phatt Al.

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