CD Review: Beth in Battle Mode – Hot Science

Beth In Battle Mode - Hot Science By: Sheena Lyonnais
April 29, 2009
Beth in Battle Mode has become a mandatory part of my Friday night pre-drink playlists, and they’ve really upped the ante (pre-drink count) with their sophomore release, Hot Science.  While they maintain consistency with the catchy indie electropop dance music they’ve become synonymous with, they’ve spiced Hot Science up with the explosive addition of heavier synths, darker choruses and a level of energy normally reserved for their live shows.

The catchiness of “Little Known Fact” with the dimensions of “I Want You (Outta Here)” have me swapping my hair straightener for a Bunsen burner, ‘cause if this Science is hot then baby you know I wanna be a part of it!
Vocalist Edward Maher twists and turns his angst-ridden voice while drummer David Gilgan and keyboardist Andrew Ennals bust out volcanic rhythm lines and backups.  The guitar work is more integrate, the keys are more dynamic and overall it comes across more cohesive and less experimental (despite the name) than their debut Technical Know-How.  Thankfully they have not abandoned their uninhibited love for the 80s (“Oberheim Steamroller”), but they’ve successfully put their own BIBM spin on it.
Hot Science is just a really fun record that shows BIBM have found their niche and sound.  While it is poppy overall, tracks like “Secret/Weakness” show a more somber side, while still paying homage to keys and dance rock.  If this record was at a rock’n’roll science fair it would definitely win the blue ribbon.  Is that what you win in science fairs?  Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped physics after tenth grade.
TTTT (out of 5)

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