CD Review: Urban Preacher – Urban Preacher EP

Urban Preacher CD By: TJ Liebgott
April 20, 2009

Urban Preacher’s self-titled EP is filled with mid-tempo country/roots/blues songs about lost love and broken dreams and promises.  While listening to this album you can almost picture the band playing an old nightclub in the Mississippi Delta, where stale cigarette smoke and the scent of whiskey fills the air.

Although Urban Preacher could do without the rap in the middle of "Strange Obsession," which is reminiscent of the Blondie song "Rapture," the rest of the album is a collection of songs done by some very talented musicians.  While lead singer Myrrhine Faller is more of a pop singer than country or blues, it adds an interesting dynamic to the sound of Urban Preacher.  Her vocals may not be as deep and soulful as most in the genre, but she sings with enough talent and attitude to provide another dimension that makes Urban Preacher stand out amongst their peers.

Songs like "Vintage Girl" and "Lady Luck" standout on this 6 track EP, but I imagine Urban Preacher is a better band to see live.  Luckily you can do so since they play a ton of shows at Central and The Cadillac Lounge.

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TTT (Out of 5)

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