CD Review: USS Questamation

USS Album Questamation By: Mike Greene
April 09, 2009

Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker has come back full force to kick ass in 2009 with their much anticipated full-length follow up to 2008’s teaser EP Welding the C:/. The 12-track Questamation is exactly 60 minutes of the most original music to ever hit your ear buds.

Vocalist and guitarist Ash Boo-Schultz and turntablist/hypeman Human Kebab (Jason Parsons) exceed expectations with this release. For those who have been following USS since their breakout onto the concert circuit, this album includes all of the songs they’ve been playing live with some fresh additions.  Their first single “Laces out” is a catchy danceable song that can only be described as the gateway drug for this whole album. After quite a few spins, I’ve quickly discovered other favourites like the new make up song for our generation: “P.S: I can change,” a slower mellow track picking up where “Pornostartrek” left off.

Questamation deals with various topics from love, science, and dreams to stealing office supplies. The duo’s influences shine through in the lyrics, music and the various sounds, samples and beats you hear in-between tracks, a truly original album in every sense. The last song “Me vs. Us” ends off with about fifteen minutes of relaxing nature sounds, with everything from birds, wolves to thunderstorms. A great track to put on if you’re having trouble sleeping.

The album is available on iTtunes and HMV, but the physical product is worth it!  I had to call five stores before I could reserve a copy. USS is the first band in North America to package their album in a “Z-Card” which folds out like a map with all the lyrics and brilliant artwork with the covers still attached.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting from Canadian music, this is the album you have been looking for. I recommend listening to it as many times as possible then going to see them live so you can sing along. (Smashing World Records)

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