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Ever since 2002, Ajax, Ontario’s "ska-punk gangstas" THE JOHNSTONES have been tearing up stages, pissing off parents and making guys wonder where their girlfriends are. They’re rapidly becoming one of the hottest live acts in Canada playing sold out shows across the country, stunning crowds with their undeniably entertaining performances, showcasing their frenetic energy and controversial lifestyle choices. Unpredictable, unhinged and unforgiving, you never know whether THE JOHNSTONES will hit the stage dressed as construction workers… gym teachers… women… ghosts… or simply NOT DRESSED AT ALL!!

Inevitably THE JOHNSTONES’ pressing desire for havoc has landed them in all sorts of hot water. They’ve all spent a healthy amount of time locked up in local jails and drunktanks and have spent more than their fair share of time getting patched up in hospitals across the country. With the release or their debut full-length WORD IS BOND (STOMP Records 2006) it became apparent that, despite jailtime and hospital visits, THE JOHNSTONES are an unstoppable force that is only getting stronger.

Their debut music video "Gone for Long Time", brought THE JOHNSTONES to the masses which shot quickly from "buzz-worthy" status to heavy rotation due to viewer response on Much Music, as well as charting on the Much Music countdown for 8 weeks.

Following their video success up with extensive North American touring, THE JOHNSTONES now return from the studio to bring you their follow up EP "SEX". Produced by Fil Bucchino and featuring 6 incredibly catchy, hook-laden bangers, SEX is sure to knock your socks off, rattle your cage and ring your bell. The EP is set for a national release May 27 (cheap!). Lock up your girlfriends!

Says drummer / lead singer Ryan Long “This EP is going to be one of the best things to come from Canada in a long time! As a band, we feel this EP is our greatest accomplishment to date and I’m confident that everyone else will feel the same way. We put up some early demos, which were recorded quickly in a basement with a drum machine, right before I had to get throat surgery, and we have had an overwhelmingly positive response to those. I’m insanely exited for the release!”

To celebrate the release, THE JOHNSTONES are set to embark on their first-ever headlining tour, bringing their unique brand of pop-infused ska-punk hitting across Ontario and Quebec with Trois–Riviere’s The New Cities!

“We’re pumped to finally do a headlining tour where we can really have the time to make the show as badass as it can be! We just did some really cool tours with really big bands to sold out crowds and it was amazing exposure but it was more of a preview of our band. Now we get to play the set we really want to and really give the crowd time to get into it. We have a lot of really funny surprises in the set we’ve been working on and everyone who comes to one of the shows on this tour is gonna walk away ecstatic that they came. We chose the New Cities to come on the tour because we played with them on the Hedley tour and we loved them; they’re super cool guys and their music is awesome so its a good match with us. We also picked our favourite local band in all of the cities to, so it was amazing to be doing a tour that we have so much control over and were calling the shots. It is gonna kick ass!” states Long.

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