Pop Punk Show Review: The Ocean Buried and Cut Throat Kids

The Ocean Buried Live March 22, 2009
By: Sheena Lyonnais

Despite my maturing music tastes, I just can never get enough pop punk.  It just pumps me up and puts me right into my element.  The bridging of power chords, references to young love and an over abundance of catchy choruses have a forever grasp on my inner young teenager and I don’t care if almost a decade has passed (ouch), I still eat this stuff up!

First to take the stage at Lee’s Palace was the Ocean Buried. This young five-piece played one of our TMS showcases last summer and we loved them then and we love them now.  Their youthful energy, colourful clothing and fun choreographed stage antics provide the perfect aesthetics to their pop punk assault.  When they played our show, it was the first and only gig with that specific guitarist.  They’ve since secured a solid line-up whose dedication to the craft is evident.  They’ve also added a synth, which provides a dimension to their sound I don’t think many bands in this genre have.

The Ocean Buried These guys just landed a deal touring high schools performing and providing motivational speeches.  I can’t help but be extremely excited for them.  This tour is going to really help propel their success because their music is the perfect high school music.  Don’t disregard it for this.  Between singer Tim Stead’s excellent showmanship, articulation and blonde hair, a mass of emo haired young men in American Apparel t-shirts and tight jeans, and the fact they are actually talented musicians who have a great amount of enthusiasm on stage shows they know what they’re doing. 

Next up was Cut Throat Kids.  This four-piece is lead by the pint-sized-pop-punker Tyler Melissa Tasson whose adorable stage banter is just as noteworthy as her impressive vocals.  They’re not quite as put together as the Ocean Buried, yet they successfully pull off a set of fun songs that follow unconventional formulas and rhythms.  Obviously the crowd favourite of the night, Tasson and the kids tore through great tracks such as “Sparks” that were fun and easy to get into.

Toronto Band Cut Throat Kids One thing I really like about this band is they almost have a punkabilly flair.  If they upped the instruments by maybe switching to a stand up bass for some tracks, adding an extra guitarist (or if Tasson played guitar in a few more songs) and upping the distortion it would really bulk up the quality of the sound and the performance.  Right now it sounds a little bit empty, but only in the sense that something is missing.  Their music doesn’t sound like Josie and the Pussycats pop.  There’s a lot of rock ‘n’ roll edge that is greatly appreciated.

Both these bands are definitely worth checking out.  Listen to the Ocean Buried at www.myspace.com/theoceanburied

and Cut Throat Kids at www.myspace.com/wearecutthroatkids.

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