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A daring emcee, artist and entrepreneur from Edmonton, Alberta, Doug Bedard AKA Plex has taken his experience of growing up on North-side Beverly streets to the masses with a message 15 years in the making about competing to survive adversity and ultimately rising to the top.

Living in a duplex through adolescence, people began to refer to him as "Doug from the Duplex" eventually shortening the epithet to Plex. With a distinct ear for music and hunger to be a part of the scene he turned on the drive, resulting in the creation of a career permitting him to groom and reshape artists with similar ambitions ready to compete on a global level.

CEO and President of the Toronto-based record and entertainment label, New Leaf Entertainment is a vertically integrated company armed with experienced industry leaders Jay Laronde, Leemai Lafontaine and Jennifer Podemski. He is one of the founding members of Edmonton's celebrated group Won 18 which is also set to release an album in 2009, an anticipated follow up to their successful album “The Dirty Boulevard” released in 2006.

Plex is set to release his first solo album “Brainstorm” in 2009 – a culturally relevant and lyrically proficient album that challenges popular opinion. It refuses to sugarcoat experiences or preach lessons learned. It begs you to get up and groove to well thought out beats and sing along to lyrics crafted long before their time. This album is motivating, bold, and entertaining in equal measure.

Plex is the award winning host and producer of “The Plex Show” on Aboriginal Voices Radio, which can be heard at 9:00 p.m. (local time) every Friday on AVR Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa. The 3 hour program was designed to provide a platform for global indigenous artists whose talent is featured and heard all across Canada. “The Plex Show” has an ever growing fan-base as it appeals to hip-hop lovers of all ethnicities and life experiences, and maintains integrity by continuing the preservation of its indigenous roots.

While he is dedicated to his craft and the artists he works with, Plex has not forgotten about his roots. He is committed to his community, especially with youth, as he leads keynote programs and projects with audiences ranging from young artists to industry professionals. These projects include workshop facilitating, consulting, mentoring youth artists, as well as providing professional guidance regarding native content for organizations and experienced industry leaders.

Plex performed and will appear on the highly anticipated television show “Arbor Live” hosted by international icon Stevie Salas. Plex recently delivered a show stopping performance in the “Larger Than Life” showcase featuring himself, Marc Nadjiwan, Jason Burnstick, The Johnny's, Sierra Noble and special guest Bruce Cockburn, which was taped as a series to be shown in Cineplex Odeon theaters nation wide.

Chosen among six aboriginal radio programmers across Canada, Plex’s latest television endeavor was participating in a reality style training video hosted by Darrell Dennis for Astral Media and the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation. The goal of “Extreme Radio Challenge” is to attract today’s youth to careers in radio broadcasting. This can be seen in 2009 in school boards all across the country.

Deserved confidence that the strength and commitment Plex puts into his work validates his personal mandate which is to triumphantly “…bring integrity back into hip-hop”. 

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