Chasing Amee

Punk / Rock

Band Pic of Chasing Amee
What is the recipe for success?
Ask CHASING AMEE, but they won't be able to tell you quite yet. Here's what they've got so far:
– four guys and one cup… oops, i mean one cup of four guys
– several scoops of commitment
– ounces of dedication
– a handful of dough
– bitter doses of part time jobs
– a pound of shows
– constantly stir in equipment

In a separate bowl, add one high school drop out, one broke small-town couch-crasher, one giant appetite, and a mohawk.

Mix all ingredients in a big bowl of pop punk hooks, and old school influences, sprinkle on a pinch of talent, bake for a couple years in a small town.
Remove heat, ice with a thin layer of reality TV.
Serve while hot, and enjoy your slice of CHASING AMEE.

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