These Three Cities

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These Three Cities
Biography Band (noun) – def: a company of persons joined, acting, or functioning together These Three Cities is, in the truest sense of the meaning, a band. They live together, they work together, they write and record together, they even play on the same sports teams together. It seems as though while a lot of other musical entities are trying to hire the next great session professional for a few gigs or a recording session, These Three Cities is reminding their fans and all that appreciate music what it means to be in a band. To play and write music with your closest friends, to accept it all through thick and thin, to restore the passion to the stage and the art to the album, to put in all that you have simply for the love of it. If you’ve ever seen them perform you’d know what I’m talking about. You would know that they bring 110% every night no matter who’s there or what’s on the line. If you’ve seen them play then you wouldn’t have to read this because you’d already know what they’re about. But, if you haven’t then please allow me to elaborate. In a word; Conviction. (noun) – def: an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence. From the moment this band was formed it was clear in everyone’s mind that it was more than just music, more than just a band….. This was something to believe in… These Three Cities came together as a full unit in the summer of 2006. Jeff Beadle and Matt Rocca had been playing in Toronto as an acoustic act while they were writing and recording their debut CD "Kickapoo Joy Juice" along with Rob Pretsell, the guitarist at that time. As the band was without a bassist or drummer during the recording process they eventually incorporated the bass skills of Bruce Gordon (I Mother Earth) while their producer, Adam Tune, composed and programmed the drum grooves digitally. Just before the album was completed Charles (Chuck) Dumaresq, a close friend of the boys and an immensely talented bassist, was asked to join the band which was an easy decision for him as he already believed in the sound. Mike Speer came into the picture a few weeks later when he answered an ad the band had posted in an attempt to find the right person for the drum chair. After a couple of intense, stripped down rehearsals the band was formed… for now. They spent the next 2 months under an extremely rigorous practicing schedule in preparation for the upcoming debut CD release show which was held at the Horseshoe Tavern to a sold out crowd and rave reviews. "These Three Cities have crafted a fine blend of pop and rock. Their debut album Kickapoo Joy Juice is a real breath of fresh air. …. the band is versatile’ …. ‘bright and original’ " -Andy Gemza- Over the next 18 months the band dedicated themselves to developing their sound and style by writing any idea into a song and playing any show they could get their hands on. Their end result was a raw rock foundation of intense dynamics with a slight roots-y, old fashioned twang on top. In that time they shared the stage with many great, up-and-coming bands like, Die Mannequin, Oliver Black, Justin Nozuka, Birds of Wales, and have had the chance to meet and work with some of the industry’s top professionals like producers Bob Ezrin, (Jane’s Addiction, Kiss, Army Of Anyone, Pink Floyd, Def Tones…) and Brian Moncarz, (The Junction, Pilate, Kyle Riabko, We Are The Take…). Recently, the band has parted ways with their previous guitarist and is currently working with good friend and local producer Troy Williams who is a bright center to anyone’s universe. He brings a refreshing new approach to the guitar and an intense on stage energy and groove. All of these experiences have led These Three Cities to become a very tight, passionate group of friends with an undeniable chemistry on stage that has allowed them to write their best music yet. They are currently working on releasing a 6 song EP due to come out fall/winter 2008 with producer Adam Tune and already have another batch of songs half recorded for their next ambitious release to follow. The ‘Cities’ have gone back to a simple approach in recording which allows the raw, human element to shine through just enough to connect with everyone and keep it real. This formula, along with their musicality and bonds of friendship both on and off the stage is what will take These Three Cities to the next level…..
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