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 The Donefors




Four sonically varied and seasoned Toronto musicians came together in the wee hours of 2006 to form what many have dubbed their “new favourite band”. This is for good reason. The DoneFors are composed of a talent-packed line-up; acclaimed singer-songwriter Janine Stoll (The Ladybird Sideshow), electric guitar player and singer-songwriter Paul MacDougall, and bass player Liam Smith (both of Juno nominated afro-funk outfit Mr. Something Something), and drummer Brian Lahaie (SuperstacK).

Ballsy songwriting, unpredictable arrangements, experimental style merging, and engaging live show are only some of the many ways to describe The DoneFors experience. What is being produced by this quartet defies any concrete pigeonholing which is why they’ve chosen to refer to what they do as Canadiana Vanguard and Organica. Spanning genres, stretching boundaries, and staying rooted in an instrument’s organic sound — all while offering up delicious ambiguity.

Since forming, The Donefors have been steering their ambitions towards co-writing with truly exceptional results. This collaboration has something that is undeniably special.

Notable past performances include an OCFF Official Showcase, The Open Door Music Festival, The Junction Arts Festival, and The Plan B Harvest Festival.

Currently, The DoneFors are readying to release their first full-length CD — How to have sex with Canadians — on February 12th, 2009, at the Supermarket in Toronto, with other city release dates to follow.

We encourage you to follow this band through its evolution as the The DoneFors continue on the road to becoming one of Canada’s most exciting original bands.


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