Jay Clark and The Jones

Folk Rock / Indie / Alternative

Jay Clark and The Jones
On the May long weekend of 2008, Jay Clark and the Jones descended on Andy Magoffin’s House of Miracles studio in London, Ontario with our instruments, 8 cases of Labatt Blue and 2 fifths of Jameson to record their first album in four years. We are proud to announce the release of our third full-length disc, Blue Cholera on February 17th, 2009. JCATJ’s music is true North American music and stands four square in a line from the Byrds to Bruce Springsteen; Otis Redding to Tom Petty, Lightfoot, Dylan and beyond. It conjures the Ventura and Trans-Canada Highways, convertibles and the beautiful spaces of the Heartland of the continent in equal measure. Led by songwriter/guitarists Jay Clark Reid and Ian Philp with Sean Dignan (Dodge Fiasco, Suckerpunch) on drums, Chris Staig (Taxi Chain) on bass and indie composer/multi instrumentalist par excellence Jack Breakfast they have been weaving stories of living, love and loss for nearly a decade.
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