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ELIAS EDRAKI is a multitalented, educated rap artist who carries a profound respect for Hip-Hop culture. His diverse skills include: music production/engineering, acting, song-writing, flamenco guitar, photography, scouting and artist management. Elias is a full member of ACTRA, and since 2008, has appeared in numerous Toronto-based films, television series and commercials. His most recent appearance was on the TV dramatic series FLASHPOINT (number 1 in USA, Canada), as well as television movie AN ACCIDENTAL FRIENDSHIP with Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson.

Elias gained experience in the music industry through volunteering at local radio station CHRY 105.5FM, where he was appointed Urban Music Director from 2003-2005. His true experience however, traces back to his childhood, where he diligently studied Hip-Hop culture through writing, research and everyday life. His fascination and love for the music drove him to create his own works, which were heavily embraced by his peers. By the age of 16, he began performing at open-mics and freestyle battles, and soon found himself addicted to the rush and excitement felt when performing in front of a live audience. Having faced many obstacles in life including poverty, drug abuse, and being witness to his grandfathers’ tragic suicide, Elias has established himself as a driven individual who exonerates strength and positivity. In 2008, Elias became a scholar of York University (Toronto), where he obtained an Honours Degree in Communication Studies.

From set to stage, Elias Edraki delivers a high-velocity performance that breathes raw talent and dedication. His music is entertaining and real -using intricate, attractive word play that connects deeply with his audience. He is currently recording 2 albums (mixtape and debut), which are to be completed by summer 2009 under his record label EDRAKI ENTERTAINMENT.

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