Artist Spotlight: Mic Boogie

MC Mic Boogie By: Tanya Bailey
February 3, 2009
Who do you think will be the next great Canuck MC or artist that will make some noise in 2009? As you think about a few contenders, you can get to know my choice, Toronto’s Mic Boogie.

Tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m a father first and foremost. A lot of what I do with my daily life now evolves around the fact I have a young man I’m trying to raise in this messed up world we live in. I’m pretty easy going except when it comes to my music. In that regards I’m very picky and a perfectionist.

What does Hip Hop mean to you?

Hip Hop to me is an outlet. When I was younger it was more listening to all the hot new music coming out. Now, it’s a way for me to express myself and tell my story.

Do you think that Hip Hop music has a place in Canada?

Most definitely. Especially now with artists like Kardi and Drake are making noise in the international market on a commercial level.  It’s bringing more attention to what is going on here in Canada.

Your track "Good Look," how did that single come together?

I was on set for my first video shoot for “Everybody’s Doin it!” and while I was getting ready for the different scenes, the stylist kept saying what I had on was a “good look.” Then after I released the video, other people in the industry I was meeting kept telling me my stuff was a “good look.”  From that it was stuck in my head. I had the idea for the hook in my head for about two months until one day when I was meeting with producer Boi 1da and he played me with the beat. Right away, I knew it was the right beat for my idea. The rest is pretty much history.

How is the music scene in Oshawa?

Oshawa has a very diverse music scene. When I was growing up, it was all rock and country for the most part. There were a few of us who listened to Hip Hop back then. We were all called “funkers” by the rockers. But honestly, hearing a wide range of rock and metal to Hip hop and funk is what makes me able to express myself the way I do lyrically and as a producer.

I like the video for your track "Everybody’s Doing It." What do you want your audience to get from that video?

That video was supposed to be nothing more than fun! We just tried to show everybody doing it. Cause at the time, we did the video Hip Hop was kind of stuck in this state of sounding the same. Especially what was on the radio and on the T.V.

How would you describe your MC style?

My style is laid back, but very assertive. I’m very blunt with my lyrics, but at the same time I like to have fun as much as I can on any track.

You were the founder of a former rap group called "SRL" (Suburban Rap Lords).  How did that story begin?
It was a group that a friend of mine, Nigel Williams, and myself were in. We basically didn’t want to hide the fact we were from the ‘burbs and we felt that we were the best rappers in the ‘burbs in those days. Hence, we were the Suburban Rap Lords.

Are there any Canadian and international artists that you’re listening to right now?
I like hearing a lot of the other Canadian artists like Tona, Jd Era, S.L.U.G. and all the new young cats breaking out to do their thing. We have a lot of talented artists, just not the same drive as most of the terrible American ones.

Your debut CD was released in April 2008, how has that been?
It’s been slow going in this age of download and burn, but not all is lost. I have been pushing it to radio and a lot of international outlets and getting a very good response. I’m now focusing my plan of attack into the international market on a more full-time basis.

Would you say that as an MC you are bringing the message back to the lyrics in Hip Hop?

For sure. My main goal is to bring that good time feeling back into the music. Not every rapper is a gangster or drug dealer.

Who influenced you growing up and now?

I was influenced mostly by my older male peers. I took to hanging around with some older guys in my area who were into hip hop. Doing parties and making music. From there, I learned what started me on my way down my musical path.

You played football and basketball in your day What do Sports and Hip hop have in common?

Preparation. To be a real show-stopping performer you need to expend energy out there like an athlete. You get what you give, so it’s important to be prepared and practice your show just like they do plays on the court or the field.

When will you begin touring?

Right now I’m still building my fan base across the country, so a lot of my shows are local to the GTA or small one-off shows that are more spread out during the months.

Any last words to your audience?

Thanks for all your support. As long as you keep supporting Mic Boogie, I will only give you bigger and better each time I come. Thank you.

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