CD Review: Surefire Machine – Surefire Machine

Surefire Machine By: TJ Liebgott
January 9, 2009
WARNING: Repeated listening of Surefire Machine’s self-titled album may lead you to drink whiskey, get your girlfriend pregnant and rebel against every aspect of society.
With their crunchy, grooving guitar riffs and songs about drugs, cars and hot leaded women, Surefire Machine is that perfect combination of punk and metal (back before people started putting a "NÜ" in front) with just a hint of southern twang.

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CD Review: Coal Mine Canaries The Greatest Hits Volume 3 EP

Coal Mine Canaries CD By: Sheena Lyonnais
January 8, 2009

Coal Mine Canaries latest release the Greatest Hits Volume 3 screams high school garage band meets generic bar band, probably not the review they were hoping for since their ages fall somewhere in the middle. "Don’t Cry Angel" and "Cheater" are actually pretty guitar driven tracks that probably rock live, yet quickly turn into background music thanks to their passive deliverance on this record.

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Fleece Elves – The Dreams EP : CD Review

Fleece Elves The Dreams EP By: TJ Liebgott
January 7, 2009

The best way to describe the sound of Fleece Elves debut EP The Dreams is its as if Scott Weiland went and scoped out The Horseshoe and The Silver Dollar Room looking for the perfect backing band.  Although lead singer Jason Adolph doesn’t sound like a Weiland wannabe, his voice becomes eerily similar in songs like "Full of Empty" and "All The Colours You See." 

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