CD Review: The Artist Life – Let’s Start A Riot

The Artist Life CD Review By: Sheena Lyonnais
January 29, 2009

The Artist Life’s sophomore EP Let’s Start A Riot has dropped the eerie hospital imagery and upped the homage to their central Ontario punk rock roots.  Comprised of ex-members of Jersey, At the Mercy of Inspiration, the Fullblast and Always Outnumbered, it’s no surprised this is one solid pop punk explosion.  

With fist-pumping anthems like title-track "Let’s Start A Riot" and "You’re Not Fooling Anyone," the Artist Life Puts a lot of love and life back into an area of punk rock that almost folded with the surge of commercial emo and screamo.  That said, "Sleep So Sound," my personal favourite track on the record, has a rather melodic chorus and bridge compared to its bar-chord heavy choruses.

This isn’t a detriment, but rather a highlight.  Similar to Underground Operations label mates (and similar band name) Hostage Life, the diversity expressed through individual tracks shows the Artist Life has what it takes to succeed in both the Ontario punk scene and mainstream radio.

Let’s Start A Riot is a stellar EP that promises great things for the Artist Life.  Definitely keep your eye out for these guys in 2009.

They’ll be playing Punkorama/Underground Operations’ F-U Awards February 5 at the Sound Academy.  The event will be hosted by Jason Mewes (of Jay and Silent Bob fame) and will also include performances by Andrew W.K., the Flatliners, Die Mannequin, Kingdoms and the Expos.

TTTT (out of 5)

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