CD Review: Saint Alvia Between The Lines

Saint Alvia Between The Lines By: Sheena Lyonnais
Jan 23, 2009

In Between The Lines Saint Alvia drops the Cartel but ups the ante.  TMS caught up with vocalist Benjamin Rispin this past summer and he promised a smörgåsbord of dance hall inspired tracks, Russian waltz, Motown and some good ol’ fashion punk rock. Rispin certainly isn’t a liar, because this follow up to their 2007 self-titled debut incorporates a vast array of influences yet managers to unify them with that rough Saint Alvia flair.

The highlight tracks include "Roll With It" featuring a wicked brass arrangement and catchy punk hooks, "Americafioso" with its ballsy political lyrics and "Mornings in Feng Tu" featuring guest vocalist Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire and Black Lungs) and an accordion. 

Opening track "Walk Before You Run-DMC" is a misleading introduction because it really isn’t that great in comparison.  It reminds me a little too much of the Beastie Boys who I absolutely can’t stand. Sorry guys, but this track is a miss and a bizarre start to an otherwise awesome album.    

Between the Lines proves how diverse this Burlington reggae/ska/punk outfit is. The various styles reveal how much fun they have with their music and show great promise for future endeavors. This is definitely an album for anyone who appreciates solid talent that defies solo genre classification. 

TTT 1/2 (out of 5)
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