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The origin of Poisonous Glass is prior to the origin of the known universe. God, whilst rocking out to Poisonous Glass on his stereo, caused what many scientists refer to now as the ‘Big Bang’. Poisonous Glass was just too harsh to remain in the celestial realm. At this instant both time and matter were created and rock n’ roll was made flesh: rock n’ roll incarnatum est. Many moons later, there was a great flood which Noah and company survived with that whole Ark thing. The cause of said flood, however, was Poisonous Glass. They played a gig in Jerusalem and all the babes in the world got drippies simultaneously and it was too much. Poisonous Glass survived rocking out in an undersea world, during which time four Sharks joined the band and were later kicked out because they tried to eat the band. Eventually the waters calmed and ever since Poisonous Glass has been rocking out deadly tunes, breaking and entering babes’ hearts and astonishing planet earth with their overflowing abundance of virility, embodied in members Drake Poison (lead vocals, guitar, bass), Johnny Glass (lead guitar, bass, back-up vocals), Tatonka (percussion, back-up vocals), and Slint Greasewood (Deadly riffs on Lead Guitar). Some of their many super hits include such tracks as: Double-up Dude; Dinosaur, Man; Drink ’til I Die; Release the Beast; Two Black Eyes and Three Blue Balls; Monsters at the Wedding; Hell is Heaven for those who Rock n’ Roll; Speciman; The Women; TGIF, etc.
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