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Isle of Thieves is fusion of energetic rhythm, textural riffs, driving power chords, catchy synth leads, and memorable vocal melodies. The quintet was formed in the spring of 2006, and consists of Japeth (singer/songwriter/guitarist), Matt Coatsworth (drums), Justin Kwan (synthesizers/vocals), Mike Marsh (lead guitar), and Charles Canovas (bass guitar). Together, they produce a harmonious blend of punky alt-rock, brit-pop, and new wave, that is reminiscent of bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Suede, Against Me, and The Killers.

The band hooked up with Producer/Engineer Mike Langford (Evans Blue, Vaeda, Rains, Slowking, and Sunlit Ambush) in the summer of 2006 to record a demo at The Pocket Studios. However, the band and Mike developed a working relationship and began recording a full-length album which was mastered by Joao Carvalho (Billy Talent, Sam Roberts, Alexisonfire, Nickelback, etc).

In early 2008, Isle of Thieves completed their debut album entitled ‘Only Human’. It contains 10 tracks that exhibit the delicate balance between innovation and familiarity, youthful energy and lyrical maturity. It buries itself in themes that range from angst-driven alienation to reflective observations of living within an existentialist reality. These themes are, at times, approached with a sardonic and hostile demeanor, while at other times explored with such honestly, tenderness, and empathy. The album is a lamentation, a celebration, a bitter-sweet reminder, that we are all, only human.

The band continues to build momentum, establishing a following of dedicated fans. Their track “Hollywood” has been on over 50 stations across Canada. They have also been on numerous podcasts across North America and Europe. They continue to garner attention in the independent music scene with their energetic live performances and undeniably infectious songs.

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