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If you’ve been searching for a cred-oozing pop-punk band that features a high-school English teacher, a Nickelodean TV star, four long-time friends and former members of a grocery list of defining bands from Southern Ontario’s fertile rock ‘n’ roll grounds, you’ve shown up to the right party. Toronto’s the Artist Life have been playing their suburb-raised brand of pop-punk across Canada for just over a year, and they’re already snagging attention from all the right places for all the right reasons.

When Blackwood’s tenure in street punk legends Jersey came to an end, he and Richards got to work on the poppier style punk rock that would comprise Living, the band’s debut EP. A mix of Green Day’s hooks and Rancid’s drive, Living was made available on the band’s website for free (we’re talking pre-Reznor and Radiohead) and downloaded close to 10,000 times. Label-less and propelled solely by their own tireless work ethic, the band hit the ground running, opening for artists like the Loved Ones, A Wilhelm Scream, and Silverstein, picking up the hardware for Best Up-and-Coming Band at Toronto radio station 102.1 the Edge’s Punkorama Awards, and shooting a video for "Waiting Room", currently in medium rotation on MuchMusic. Oh, and there was a twenty-date Eastern Canadian tour with the Swellers, Canadian dates with Polar Bear Club, and the total radness of having the good folks at American taste-maker Alternative Press name the band Unsigned Band of the Month in September. Not bad for a year, right?

Oh yeah. And Blackwood is on this internationally syndicated TV show called Instant Star. Richards just got his Bachelor of Education. Leach was in Ontario hardcore legends At the Mercy of Inspiration, and Parsonson owns his own drum company. All together, the band counts ex-members of the Fullblast, Jersey, Always Outnumbered, Jude the Obscure, and At the Mercy of Inspiration in its ranks. Plus, they’re all sweet young men who are polite to your mom.

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