Getting our Zen on with Bury the Bully

Band Pic of Bry The Bully By: Lynn Muscat

December 16, 2008
Whitby based rock band Bury the Bully are really in touch with their inner Zen masters. Drummer Cala’s warm smile and polite demeanour supports the hippie-esque perspective BtB portrays. From the flower, fire and water album artwork, to the album name Life, Death & Wonder, to their love, peace, faith and freedom influences listed on Myspace, BtB emanates strong positive energy.

Vocalist/guitarist Rich McPherson, bassist Mike Paglia, guitarist Steve Parker and drummer Cala (whose full name is oddly elusive) have been playing together for 10 years. After winning the Golden Ear award on Jonovision’s Jonopalooza, BtB was approached by Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem). Along with co-producer Mike Turner (Our Lady Peace), Lesperance became a mentor to BtB. With support by their side, the boys took BtB to the “next level” and in 2007 they released their debut album Life, Death & Wonder. The result is a seamless 13 song musical journey. With lyrics such as “fight in the army of love,” “stop this life and show some insight” and “capture freedom here in our cage,” BtB serenade their listener with socially and personally aware melodic poetry.
Interview With Bury The BullyBury The BullyAmidst the bleak cloud of societal complexity, BtB stands in a clear pool of simplicity. The album is threaded with the common theme of rising above adversity and whatever burdens may be preventing one from accomplishing their dream. 
“Everyone keeps saying we [modern society] are in so much trouble. We should really be thankful for what we have now instead of trying to control this and that. We should focus on the things we have control of and be thankful,” Cala advised.
Along with being thankful for their fortunes, BtB is active and generous in supporting various charities. They have raised money through their live shows for breast cancer, “Bury the Cancer” and Sick Kids. “I suggested ‘Bury the Sick Kids’, but it didn’t go over very well,” Cala morbidly jests. 
Bury The BullyBtB have spent the last year touring mostly around Ontario, with many shows in and around Toronto. They are currently working on new material.
“It’s pretty exciting because the album took three years and it is the fist time since that we have done anything new. We are starting to get a new found motive/outlook on what music means to us and what we can accomplish in the future,” Cala said.
For more information on Bury the Bully check them out at www.myspace/

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