Cancer Bats – Hail Destroyer – CD Review

Album Review of The Cancer Bats Hail Destroyer By: TJ Liebgott
November 30, 2008
From the opening guitar riff of Hail Destroyer, its clear that Cancer Bats sophomore release will have pubescent teenage boys around the country salivating uncontrollably.

Don’t let song titles like “Harem of Scorpions,” “Deathmarch,” “Bastard’s Waltz,” and my personal favorite “Lucifer’s Rocking Chair” fool you.  This band is not a joke or making some mockery of metal.  The opposite is in fact true.  Hail Destroyer is full of fist pumping Metal tracks that will make fans old and young rejoice or try to raise Satan.
With this style of music it is always hard to capture the energy and intensity that the band has live, however Hail Destroyer seems to encapsulate the band perfectly.  Tracks like “Bastards Waltz,” “Pray For Darkness,” “Regret” and the self-titled track “Hail Destroyer” stand a step above this action packed disc. “Lucifer’s Rocking Chair” will instantly be a favorite for anyone who is a fan of The Melvins.

TTTT (Out of 5)
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