Getting our Zen on with Bury the Bully

Band Pic of Bry The Bully By: Lynn Muscat

December 16, 2008
Whitby based rock band Bury the Bully are really in touch with their inner Zen masters. Drummer Cala’s warm smile and polite demeanour supports the hippie-esque perspective BtB portrays. From the flower, fire and water album artwork, to the album name Life, Death & Wonder, to their love, peace, faith and freedom influences listed on Myspace, BtB emanates strong positive energy.

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Semi Precious Weapons rock with risk and rhinestones

Semi Precious Weapons Live By: Sheena Lyonnais
Dec 08, 2008

Those of you who have marveled at Andy Warhol’s Factory footage may want to check out Semi Precious Weapons’ next show. The Brooklyn-based quartet serve as an epic dialogue into the underrated current glamour scene, complete with boys who dress like girls, intense sexuality, dazzling diamonds, balls to the wall rock and roll and two emaciated fashion darlings that follow them on tour.

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Matt and Maxx present Samantha Ronson in Toronto tonight

Promo Pic of Samatha RonsonBy: Sheena Lyonnais
December 3, 2008

Matt Sims and Max Tremblay, better known as the party throwing and DJing duo Matt and Maxx (also as Dopplehertz), have another huge gig tonight to add to their ever-growing roster of massive hipster parties in Toronto.

To date they’ve opened for Flosstradamus, hosted Crystal Castles at Circa, Djed with the Misshapes and tonight they’re bringing Celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson (and possibly gal pal Lindsay Lohan) to the Courthouse on Adelaide.

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