Hey Toronto, help save Rehab For Quitters!

Band Pic of Rehab For Quitters By: Sheena Lyonnais
November 27, 2008

Toronto punk band Rehab For Quitters may be forced to move to New Jersey if bassist Richie Bones doesn’t make enough money to pay Canadian immigration fees by the end of January.

American Bones moved to Canada while his wife was going to school here and subsequently joined Rehab For Quitters after meeting singer Dan Lobalsamo for drunken debauchery in January 2008.  Now his wife’s visa is up, they’re both super broke (her from school, him from not being able to work), so they’re doing what all punk rockers about to face deportation do: throwing a benefit show on December 12 at Sneaky Dees where all money goes towards keeping Bones and his lady in the country. 

Toronto Band Rehab For Quiters“Immigration is like $3000, it’s ridiculous,” Bones said.  “Basically it takes six months to immigrate.  You have to pay $1500, which is nonrefundable whether you get in or not.  Then you have to pay $300 for each person to get a medical exam.  Then you pay FBI fees, you have to get fingerprints and pass all this bullshit with the FBI. After that, once they approve you, you have to pay $490 per person for a permanent resident card.  Then you’re in.”

Rehab for Quitters have been around since 2003 and have had other bassists in the past, but this time around its different.  There is a greater family connection here, one where in the worst-case scenario they would rather commute the eight hours from Toronto to Jersey than find a new bassist.

Rehab For Quitters Live“It sounds easy enough, but it wouldn’t be the same,” Lobalsamo said. “Finding Richie, and [drummer] Dickie for that matter, was like winning the lottery. The chemistry is perfect, the dedication is beyond what anyone can expect. Losing a bass player like Richie would definitely hurt the band. Replacing Richie is not an option, whatever happens we can make it work.”

The benefit show is $10 at the door and features West End Riot, Black Cat Attack
Montreal’s Head Shrinkers, King Beez and of course Rehab For Quitters.  After the show, they plan to continue writing songs, work on getting European distribution and begin planning their 2009 tours, regardless of whether or not they have to do it on an intercontinental basis.

“There will never be an end to Rehab For Quitters, anyone who’s followed us from the beginning knows that,” Lobalsamo said. 

Rehab For Quitters Play The HorseTo check out their wicked punk rock shredding, www.myspace.com/rehabforquitters . To check out the Facebook group, which includes information on how to donate money without going to the show, check out http://www.facebook.com/ .


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