CD Review: Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell

Tokyo Police Club Elephant Shell By: Ala Serafin
November 18, 2008
The boys from Newmarket are all grown up. In their spring release of debut LP Elephant Shell, Tokyo Police Club’s sound has evolved from the youthful tunes of A Lesson in Crime to a more mature vocabulary; though perhaps sometimes overdone with words like australopithecine, the focus of the chorus in “Listen to the Math.” Still, the music is undeniably impressive with its more sophisticated arrangements.

The album is sure not to disappoint any true TPC fan. Their fun, danceable, feel-good essence is still there, with endearing TPC touches such as the group shouts at the beginning of ”Your English Is Good” and clapping in “The Harrowing Adventures Of.”  Their signature short songs are still there as well, with each song being under three minutes long.
The album won the 2008 CASBY award for Favourite New Album in October, which brings hope that singles like “Tessellate” will continue to get lots of playtime on Toronto music stations such as 102.1 the Edge. 
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