Woodward Company

Indie / Rock

Band Pic of Woodward Company
Woodward Company is an independent rock n’ roll band from the suburbs just north of Toronto, ON.

After years of only dabbling with the idea of starting a band instead of actually doing it, three of our beloved heroes finally came together in the summer of two-thousand seven and began creating music.

They mostly started out playing long-winded jams & post-rock climaxes, but soon enough they were playing songs with real verses and real choruses. Though there were only three of them at first– and how they managed without a drummer, I’ll tell you!– they soon rounded off the band with an old friend from their past. While the real power of the group comes from their deep roots with each other, you can’t help but hear a close study of the last 50 years of r’n’r when you tune into to the W/W CO.

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