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 Tre Treez
In a grimey city , on a cold street surrounded with hustlers, killers and hoes… not to forget the crack-heads buzzing from noon to noon – this is reality! Yeah yeah… same story we've heard a million times from any muthafucka claimin' this street life, but one would think that's the end; a setting for a narrow future and a path filled with pain and heartaches. But if you're "Tre Treez" that's just the beginning, "it's just another day" – Tre Treez.
 Come take a ride, 'cause this kid spits flames! He has vision and character and the ability to change the Canadian music scene and the industry in general.
 Tre Treez is a hungry, up and coming young artist who hails from the streets of Toronto. Born and raised there, Tre has a dream of one day being heard by the masses. "I have a message to share" says Tre Treez. Having listened to rap since he grew ears, and having had years of love for the music, his time is here.
 Treez musical influences include hip-hop powerhouses such as Nas, Tupac & Mobb Deep. It is from these artists he has developed his own unbeatably unique style. In his corner, Tre Treez comes backed up by a team 'Dice The Label'. The Label's character is usually described as independent and strong, has a powerful stage performance.
 Dice has numerous performances with local talent under their belt.
 A huge shout goes out to Trench & J-Spiz… and the rest of Dice Tha Label.
 With more shows booked for the future, the music doesn't stop there – tha Dice seem to be puttin' it down and making it happen.
 "These days anybody can rap. I'm trying to do more than rap… as soon as our business is on point, we'll be able to show the industry a new movement" – TreTreez.
 Currently in great demand after a continuous grind and a slew of freestyles, Treez is just warming up. Tre Treez is set to release a series of mixtapes, and a promotional ALBUM titled "TREMATIK", which will feature "Dice The Label" and the movement. Also exclusive freestyles, two new videos in the work & much more coming… stay tuned!!!
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