New Enemy, The

Punk / Hardcore / Rock

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The New Enemy have been long standing members of Toronto’s eclectic scene. Lead guitarist Luke Muldoon has spent time in reggae-rockers Dodger and former punk mainstays Henry’s Volunteer. Lead vocalist Clint McLean previously sang for obscure art punkers Pets or Meat. McLean is also an accomplished film maker, with credits including an award-winning politically charged documentary and a video installation with the Royal Ontario Museum. Drummer Chris Branston has garnered recent attention for his effort in political punkers A High Society. When not playing bass, Declan Kerin volunteers in the battle against workplace related diseases.

Narrowing the list to 5 original songs and a Kid Dynamite cover, The New Enemy enlisted Canadian punk legend Simon Head to produce their debut "Outsourced EP". Head’s past work with SNFU and Closet Monster had a sound the band could relate to. Recording over spare evenings and weekends at Toronto’s The Brown Room, the debut came together with fervor and persistence. After recording, The New Enemy wanted a fresh set of ears for mastering, and found them in Michael Dominici at Music House Mastering in New York City. Dominici’s vast body of work varies from Joni Mitchell to Mos Def. 
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