Awaking State

Rock / Industrial

Band Pic of Awaking State
Moody and angry. Electronic music with a powerful Hard Rock edge.

Awaking State is the brainchild of Kent “DS-1” Martell (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano and Programming). Kent has been signed to Toronto’s longest running Drum & Bass label, Furious Records, since the age of 19 and has gone on to be one of the top Drum & Bass artists and DJs in Canada over the past several years. During that time, he experienced extensive club play, chart topping songs and a victory in Toronto’s Edge 102.1’s Nine Inch Nails [Only] Remix Contest.

As well as garnering tonnes of airplay on 102.1 and putting him face to face with his greatest influence Trent Reznor, that victory planted the seeds of Awaking State in his mind.

Kent began writing songs, while at the same time hunting for band members who shared his vision. What transpired in the following year and a half became Awaking State. An extensive search brought Brandon E.M. Savage (Drums and Backing Vocals), Andrew Cassar (Bass) and Joey V (Keys and Backing Vocals) into the fold.

Together, these four musicians mix Rock, Industrial, and Drum & Bass with a Pop sensibility that comes through to deliver the hooks. The melodies of Awaking State could grace the airwaves of any radio station, but with their distinctive electronic edge they are separated from the cookie-cutter, main stream music.

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