CD Review – The Arkells – Jackson Square

The Arkells CD Jackson Square By: TJ Liebgott
October 28, 2008

Coming off the buzz of their 2007 EP release Deadlines, The Arkells have followed up with today’s release of their debut full-length album Jackson Square from Dine Alone records.  With their combination of old school southern rock meets an ass shaking indie rock rhythm section, Jackson Square proves that the Arkells are not one trick ponies.

The record is really an extension of Deadlines containing the initial five tracks with an additional five tracks of new material.  Even though all of the standout hits on this album are from Deadlines (“Oh The Boss Is Coming,” “Tragic Flaw” and ”The Ballad Of Hugo Chavez”), the rest of the tracks on the album are hardly filler.

Songs like “Abigail” and “Pullin Punches” act as a stepping-stone between Deadlines and Jackson Square, perhaps indicating that the band is going for a more "Rootsy" sound.  Most of the new tracks have more of a ballad feel that seem more introspective and push away from the more upbeat, pop sensibilities of Deadlines.  The Arkells are definitely growing as songwriters and their next "actual" full-length album should prove that.

Check out The Arkells live with Matt Mays & El Torpedo as they tour across Canada to promote Jackson Square.  Check them out when they play the Phoenix in Toronto on November 6 and MTV November 10.  For a preview of the album visit


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