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Toronto singer-songwriter Wendy Leung embraced music at a remarkably young age, following in the virtuosic footsteps of so many of her nation’s iconic tunesmiths. A background in classical piano and an astute lyrical sensibility marked her formative musical upbringing. For all that quintessential back-story, Wendy’s singular worldview and a diverse roster of musical influences – from sweet, feminine piano balladry to driving, tuneful indie-rock – have converged to shape a sound and songwriting style entirely her own.

Wendy’s first full-length, A Place To Start (2000), featured the emotional, stripped down outpouring of a solo pianist bearing her soul and finding her voice. This Time (2003), her second self-produced release, saw the introduction of a fuller instrumental scope and the maturing of the artist’s distinct pop sensibility. Performing from This Time at live shows, Wendy and her newly assembled band reworked older arrangements and cultivated a fresh batch of songs within this unique musical relationship.

The spring of 2008 saw the realization of these songs and the fulfillment of Wendy’s songwriting promise with Stop/Start. Recorded at Chemical Sound in Toronto, where breakout albums have been cut by such artists as Born Ruffians, Tokyo Police Club and  Amy Millan, Stop/Start pulses from beginning to end with raw emotion and a searing blend of piano, vocals and an expansive instrumental foundation.

At turns warm and poppy or intimate and profound, Stop/Start hums with the songwriter’s sweet harmonies and vibrant, catchy arrangements. David Stein (Key Witness, Boys Who Say No) supplies urgent rock-guitar and backing vocals, Scott Andrews (Howl) lays down tuneful bass lines, and drummer Andrew Haust drives the whole engine with dynamic precision. Stop/Start is the sound of a songwriter and her band truly hitting their stride, moving forward with harmonious confidence.

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