Hormoans, The

Rock / Grunge / Punk

Band Pic of The Hormoans
The Hormoans began in 2006 as a hardcore punk band with grunge influences.  They have since morphed into an eccentric surf/punk outfit that couples monster melodies with thoughtful chord progressions.  Robin Graves massages the bass with perfectly calloused fingers, Izzy Dangerous assaults the skins like a tattoo artist, and Karen Less smashes guitars then creates vocals reminiscent of a bat out of hell.  Having been inspired by remakes of old 60’s beach movies and local music from the GTA, these 3 stunningly attractive young men have redifined themselves to better represent a realized and focused sound.  Captivating audiences through intense live shows, publicity stunts and deeply personal music, the band has come to help make Toronto’s music scene make sense. 
 The time has come for a change.
 Yours Truly, THE HORMOANS
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