The Eatons

Indie / Alternative / Rock

Toronto Band The Eatons
Raised in the expanse of strip malls and twenty-four hour coffee shops that make up the suburbs of east Toronto, The Eatons formed in 2005 with a mission: to transform the inertia of suburban living into propulsive slices of classicist pop. Comprised of  Boris Chan (vocals, guitar), Sebastian Franks (guitars, vocals), Jacky Siu (bass, vocals) and Nick Ferguson (drums), The Eatons distill the exuberant melodies of Britpop and the raw power of American indie into a unique brand of thrilling guitar rock.

 In 2008, the Eatons recorded and released the Firestarter EP. "Give Me Something To Go On", off the Firestarter EP, has been included in various podcasts (such as the podcast) and also is featured in the Two Way Monologues Mixtape Vol. 1 compilation CD.

 According to i(heart)music, the Eatons are “a band that knows exactly who they are and how they want to sound…. a punk-tinged pop band with an ear for hooks, and they succeed at this beyond any shadow of a doubt.” 

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