Ocean Buried, The

Rock / Powerpop

Toronto Band The Ocean Buried




Who is this?

This is the question often posed by those experiencing their energetic live show for the first time. This is the question repeatedly asked by those flooding to their myspace page to hear their new tracks.

The answer; these are the sights and sounds of The Ocean Buried

“Things have been ridiculously fun around here for the past few months,” says bassist Jeremy Hebert. And they have good reasons to be excited. Their debut EP, produced by Murray Daigle (Not By Choice, Hello Beautiful, Cauterize), contains three tracks featuring catchy guitar riffs with a driving rhythm, topped off with distinctive vocal hooks.

The band has experienced a busy summer with many live performances throughout the G.T.A. with friends such as Hello Beautiful and Cure Gravity. “Live shows have always been my favorite part of this band,” states vocalist/lyricist Tim Stead.

Guitarist Michael Stewart and drummer Luke van den Kroonenberg suggest that their past experiences have strongly enhanced their growth as musicians. “We have all come from different bands and it’s cool how we’re all on the same page with what we are doing musically.”

So, who is this? The boys in the band are on a mission to show you every time they perform live or are heard through your stereo. 


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