TMS recommended band: We Are The Take

Toronto Band We Are The Take By: Sheena Lyonnais
September 22, 2008

We Are The Take remind me of early high school.  Back when fourteen year old girls bought t-shirts and wore them proudly as they sang along to brilliantly catchy, romantic pop songs and anxiously awaited their opportunity to have their favourite member sign their CD or whatever piece of paper they could find in their pocket.

We caught them during their set at Virgin Fest, where singer/guitarist Erik Alcock played with a broken foot (unbeknownst to the crowd) and the audience was five times the size of a typical club turn out.

We Are The Take Virgin FestThey’re a quartet of musicians whose stage presence is even bigger than their addicting pop riffs.  Singer/guitarists Alcock and Craig Stickland share the lead, effortless exchanging leads for melodies in an extremely professional, effective manner.  It is this natural talent that caught the eye of three-time Grammy Award-winning producer/mixer David Bottril (Tool) who offered to produce their album.

“It was all us, but what the guy was so great at was if there was a part missing or maybe one chord could be used in its place, he would say why don’t you fix that part.  He wouldn’t know what we had to do necessarily, just that something had to happen.  At first it was kind of insulting, but then when you realize he was totally right it was like holy shit this guy has great ears,” Alcock said.

Going into it, the band already had a solid collection of songs they’d been performing around the city, so they were able to have a lot of say in the production of their full-length – with guidance of course.

We Are The Take At Virgin Festival“It was a little tough at first because he expects a lot out of you, but once we realized he was right it actually ended up being really great,” Alcock said.  “We ended up having to up our game a bit and we learned a lot from the guy. We’re all really happy with how the record sounds, we’re just trying to figure out how to release it properly.  We want a label but you have to find the right label, you can’t be too careful these days.”

Part of what makes We Are The Take so unforgettable is their dedication to song construction.  First they lead you in with their catchy guitar-driven riffs, then they seduce you with their poetic piano pieces and melodies, and then finally they force you to fall in love with their words.

We Are The Take Live“To me, I think I can speak for all of us, [it’s about] songs.  That’s what I always fell in love with when I’d hear a song with a beautiful melody and the words fit the melody and the emotion perfectly it’s just incredible. Lots of people can do it, but maybe not too many people doing it.  Maybe they’re getting caught up in scene, there’s style of music and song music maybe,” Alcock said.

We Are The Take are definitely about songs: fun, soulful, honest songs that could be loved equally by the all-ages crowd as the 19+ crowd.  They’re the kind of band where the 14-year-old girls will get photos taken and autographs, while the boyfriends stand back and talk about how rad the set was.

WATT do not currently have any shows listed, but TMS encourages you to check out their website and keep an eye open for upcoming gigs.  This is a band you don’t want to miss. .

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