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Ms Paige has always been at home on stage in front of an audience. This songbird has been immersed in music for as long as she can remember. Born into a musical family with her microphone in hand, Ms Paige lives, breathes, and sleeps music. Daughter of Canadian entertainer and 6 time Juno nominee, Debbie Johnson, Ms Paige was born to entertain.
Performing since the tender age of three, this songstress hailing from the T-Dot, knew music was her destiny. At an early age, Ms Paige did professional recordings for the Canadian Sesame Street and appears on three solo songs on David Suzuki's, "The Amazing Journey". To date, she has performed in a number of shows, including Carnival In Yuh Backyard, a Trinidad & Tobago independence day celebration, and various university culture shows at York University and University of Windsor. Most recently, she has recorded radio and TV advertising jingles for the Caribbean market.
Inspired by artistes of various musical genres, including Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Edwin Yearwood, Machel Montano, Janet and Michael Jackson to name a few, she has continued to develop her own unique, individual style. In 2004, Ms Paige began to experiment with her writing style, mixing sensual R&B with the ever-evolving music genre of her heritage, calypso. Embarking on a new, exciting stepping stone in her musical career, uniting with three other aspiring artistes, FreakNasty, SugaKane, and Diamond, a crazy new musical group emerged, EleMental; where Ms Paige is the sultry female voice.

Ms. Paige continues to focus on her solo career while collaborating with the members of EleMental. She has worked with various producers throughout Ontario, New York, Trinidad, St. Lucia, and Grenada. Looking to take the world by storm, she strives to leave her mark in music history.

"What can I say?  Music is my drug.  I'm an addict.  And there is no cure." – Ms Paige
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