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Not very long ago, the Coal Mine Canaries were a very average band.  In fact, that may have been a rather flattering description of them.  The most common venue they played was in their basement where they played for their moms who thought they were “not too bad”.  Then, one day, the band went on a tour of a science lab specializing in the rehabilitation of canaries used to test air quality in coal mines.  During the tour, one radio-active canary escaped and bit each member of the band.  Unbeknownst to the band, the bites transferred all the powers and abilities associated with the common canary to each band member.  Except the power of flight.  They didn’t get that one.  But all other abilities generally attributed to the canary – courage, intelligence and immunity to fire – were passed on to the band.  (Actually, as it turns out, canaries are not resistant to fire which is why the band is now only a four piece).  Now, the remaining band members- Matt, Rachel, Dan and Marcus – strive together to save the world from mundane and electronic music by sharing their own style of music – Bad Flavoured Bubble Gum Rock! –  (available live or in CD format)

The Canaries’ heroic efforts have been witnessed at such venues such as the Horseshoe Tavern, Now Lounge, Clinton’s, El Mocambo and Club 279 in Toronto and other venues all around Southern Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.  

As the Canaries save more people, they acquire more and more fans with their strong melodies and intelligent lyrics. The band’s heroism has been featured during two hour long specials on the Artist First World Radio Network, podcasts, and online radio shows from as far away as New Zealand’s “Brave New Frontiers”. The Vernon Gazette reported that the Coal Mine Canaries debut CD, “Bad Flavoured Bubblegum Rock” bears an “uncanny resemblance to music” while the Canadian Magazine for the Deaf stated in their September 2005 issue that they found little to chose between the Coal Mine Canaries and other great acts such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Nirvana whom they have also never heard. They went on to say that people in the crowd seemed to really enjoy the way the soft female harmonies highlighted the more aggressive male lead vocals and the way the instrumentation changed throughout the set to include acoustic and electric guitars as well as keyboards keeping every song fresh and different.

In addition to having fun playing their music the Coal Mine Canaries are also an environmentally conscious band. They donate a portion of all merchandise sold to the Sierra Club of Canada, an environmental advocacy group. The Canaries are always looking for other “green bands” who would be interested in donating their time to their annual benefit show for the Sierra Club in Toronto.

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