From Ruins

Metal / Death Metal

Band Pic of From Ruins
Founded orginally by guitarists David muir and Sebastian Biega in the year of 2006, From Ruins was born in Scaroborough Ontario, Canada. David and Sebastian admired a wide range of music and wanted to incorporate a heavier, technical melodic spectrum into one band. Influenced by artist ranging from Death, Necrophagist and Decapitated to artist such as James Murphy, Steve vai and Yngwie malmsteen, Sebastian and David began to compose. After several changes in drummers and bassist, Erik kiiskinen joined the band as the new bassist and Matt Rogge filled in the role of a much needed technical drummer. From Ruins has a 4 track demo out and available for 5$ ( just contact the band through the my space). and we will soon be recording a 7 to 8 track album over the summer of 2008 including new tracks such as OPTIX and BRAIN STAINED HAMMER.
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