Faith of A Martyr

Alternative / Rock / Hardcore

Band Pic of Faith of A Martyr
Faith of a Martyr (F.O.A.M) is a musical octopede hailing from planet Earth. The band started out in December of 2006 with Jared (Jareeno) Rodgers and Alex(the Shaman) B. Jr. being introduced by a mutual friend, the Devil. Talent met talent and it was a musical match, Jared’s fast hands and complex style melded with Alex’s intense guitar playing and unique songwriting ability. The band started playing live in ’07 when F.O.A.M teamed up with Tony (Rockabelly) Day. Tony simply walked out of the woods one day with a bass guitar on his back in July of ’07. A jam immediately ensued and Tony’s innate sense of groove and vast range of musical tastes fit well with the the other two members….so they kidnapped him. Julian(J.R. Rasaec)Varnish was initiated into the band in November ’07 after being thrown onstage as a sacrificial offering. He jumped to his feet instantly and started to bellow into the crowd, adding powerful dynamics and massive vocal tones to the music and solidifying his spot as the fourth member of the group. F.O.A.M. are: Jar E. No – Drums Alex – Guitarist/Vox RocKaBellY – Bass J.R. Rasaec – Vox
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