Metal / Hardcore

Band Pic of Amarith
For a few years, Amarith was a mediocre band with a mediocre sound. It started off as a 3 piece, consisting of Dan Gardner, Greg Mortley, and Jaret Maillet. Something however was missing. They had auditioned multiple vocalists and a couple second guitar players with no avail. However, all this changed when the band became solidified by their finalized line up completed by Chris Johnson on vocals and Paul Cho on guitar. Ever since, the band has been an unstoppable force. In recent times Paul Cho had made the choice to leave Amarith for personal reasons. Though this was a difficult obstacle to overcome Paul would be replaced by previous Amarith and A Rockwell Resolution member, Spencer Davis. Melting faces and creaming panties everywhere they go, they've been winning the hearts and genitals of everyone that has had the pleasure of witnessing their greatness. Keep your eyes peeled, folks. In the blink of an eye, they'll come and steal your hearts. And your women…and beer
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