Sweet Thing will be a good thing once they get their act together

Live Pic of Sweet Thing By: Sheena Lyonnais
July 22, 2008

The problem with Sweet Thing is they have all the makings to be something big – they’re energetic, intelligent, write catchy in-your-face pop-rock songs and put on a stellar live show, but they lack the most essential ingredient in the recipe to success: direction.


Currently they’re in the pre-pre-production of recording their first full-length album, meaning they’re working on writing songs to be released “eventually.”  Aside from a September gig at a wine and cheese in St. Catharines they don’t have any shows lined up.  And although the five-piece is funny and talented as hell, they have zero focus when it comes to interviews and thus I have very little to go on. 

Sweet Thing TorontoThis sucks for two reasons.  One: their set at Edgefest last weekend rocked.  It was incredibly energetic, captivating and the audience was obviously really into them.  People were clapping and cheering along, especially when the tambourines were busted out.  Two: I really want to believe in this band. 

Vocalist Owen Carrier, guitarists Alex Last and Nick Rose, drummer Tyler Kyte and bassist Morgan Waters are not afraid to have fun or write the kind of songs that will get stuck in your head.  “Change of Seasons” with all its da, da, das, is a prime example of this and I am not ashamed to say the song makes me happy despite the fact it’s not really about happy things (like most pop songs).

Sweet Thing Play Edgefest 2008Most confusing is how despite having both management and booking representation, they still do not appear to be taking advantage of their full potential.  They did make it onto the Verge Music Awards list  thevergexm52.com/musicawards where fans can vote for best artist and best recording.  However, if these guys don’t start playing more shows it’s going to be hard for people to know who they are.

That said, I recommend listening to them at www.myspace.com/sweetthingmusic and when they book another show in town definitely check it out.  Be warned: you will have da, da, da stuck in your head all day!

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