Keith Shiner

Acoustic / Indie

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A bit of a late bloomer as it were, Keith started writing original music in 2006. Encouraged by the positive response of his fans, he continued – and it kick started a solo career that is on the rise. The stepping off point was a show at the Cameron House in Toronto, July 5th, 2007 – Keith played to a packed house, presented no fewer than 18 originals, with a dozen covers thrown in for good measure. He received accolades for his beautiful voice and heartfelt songs.

He recorded his first solo CD: ‘So High, Solo’ in the fall of ‘07. It hit the shelves in December 2007 (, iTunes), and at the time of this bio it had reached aluminum status. Keith set his eyes on loftier goals, and hosted a CD release party at Legendary Horseshoe Tavern – delivered a knock out intimate performance on Jan 30th, 2008 to an audience that was left enchanted. He was paid $20, which almost covered his bar tab. Almost.

Keith knows that music is not just a young person’s game – he continues to write passionate songs and perform intimate shows. His critics feel he is only getting better, and his voice has transformed from mediocre to magnificent. With new songs being written every day, a televised interview and performance airing in Japan, gigs in and around Toronto and another CD in the works – keep your eyes and ears on Keith Shiner. He is available for interviews at a moment’s notice, and he cleans up well.

Keith is proud to announce that he was victorious at the’s "Older Idol" contest, after receiving the highest marks from a panel of industry judges at a live head2head2head2head one song playoff. He is using his prizes to get back into the studio to record his 2nd album.

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