CD Review: Still Life Still

still life still wolf Reviewed by: Colin Evans
July 22, 2008

If five dudes got together and decided to crank out an indie rock album with hazy lyrics, soft guitars subtle synth, rhythmic drums, and a dash of haunting back-up vocals by an unnamed female artist, Still Life Still can pull it off to the max. While sporting a very chill sound, their debut full-length album is jam packed with catchy riffs that you can effortlessly nod your head to.

Although the tame sound of this five piece is a great coalesce of sound and musical talent, the album drags out about half way through with no stand out tracks, each blending into one another. Don’t be thrown off though, it’s not a bad thing; just don’t expect a good reaction from your friends if you put this on at your 21st birthday party.
Playing shows tirelessly through Toronto and Ontario and having recently played with Pavement’s front man Stephen Malkmus, Still Life Still is showing no signs of slowing down. This East York based band is showing that Canada’s music scene is slowly dominating the indie scene and the world is finally starting to notice the impact. If you are a fan of Built To Spill or The Silversun Pickups, definitely check these guys out.
Photo courtesy of SLS’s Myspace. 

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