CD Review : Midway State: Holes

The Midway State Holes By: Erin Fahy
July 15, 2008

While the Midway State has been touring with such big names as Evanesence, Mika, Daughtry and Lifehouse, they have yet to release a full-length album. The wait is now over: Holes is being released July 22nd.

I got an advanced copy after interviewing the band before their gig with One Republic and I was excited to finally hear what these guys had to offer. I first heard of the Midway State after receiving a free mp3 of their song “Change for You,” which tells the tale of a boy who loves a girl who loves money and fame. I really enjoyed the catchy tune and was thinking I would get the same fare.

Holes is not a lighthearted romp in romance; it shows the dirty, the happy and the confusing side of love. This album is a must buy for fans of OneRepublic, Keane and the Fray.  But what separates the Midway State from these other artists is their versatility; each track is a slightly different sound, yet is still unified and has the stamp of the band.

The Midway StateMy favourite track has to be “Fireflies.” While heavier than I expected, it combines heavier rifts and harder piano with beautiful lyrics.  I keep re-listening to this song and it keeps surprising me. Another good tune is “Where Did We Go,” a lament over a relationship slowly fading away. It tells the tale beautifully and I can really feel the pain of the man in love.

Nathan Ferraro, lead singer, piano man and songwriter is a new talent to watch out for. He uses his voice like another instrument, to almost BeeGees highs to almost Barry White lows.  However, the title track, “Holes” the highs and lows happen so quickly its quite startling.  While Ferraro does create the songs, the rest of band polishes the tunes. It is not a one man show, it is a tight sound produced by all members.

I was disappointed with “Unaware.” I had heard a previous version (from their EP “Met a Man on Top of the Hill”).  The original version was about a man who forgives his girl for cheating “because I’m a forgiving man and it helps that I’m in love.” I loved this version and Holes now has a more polished and darker tone, more about the heartbreak of the man discovering the cheating.  I personally liked the original version, more of a focus on the lyrics and the tale, and less on the produced quality of the second version.

Besides that, I still listen to this album almost daily on my iPod and can’t wait for more. I highly recommend Holes from The Midway State, out on July 22nd.

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