The Midway State still down to earth despite rising status

The Midway State Live By: Erin Fahy
June 23, 2008

The Midway State believes in Karma. Rather than dining and dashing before their opening gig with OneRepublic on June 8 like they had joked, the four boys from Toronto patiently waited in line to pay for their meals. They soon discovered it was the right decision, in a weird twist, the cashier was named Karmen.

This just adds to the seemingly blessed rise of Toronto’s The Midway State. Even before the release of their first upcoming full-length record, they’ve already toured with Daughtry, Mika, Lifehouse and Evanescence throughout Europe and North America with their piano and guitar driven rock.

One of their most memorable tour stops was Paris opening for Evanescence. “We’d never been to Paris,” said Nathan Ferraro, vocalist and piano player. “We pulled up [at the Olympia] and there were people to help with our gear and stuff and we’re like opening for this big band in like a hockey arena.  We played as hard as we can and have people across the world in this arena and they’re so into it and they accept what you were doing. We were just like holy crap.”

Holy crap, indeed. Not bad for a guy who first started writing songs at fourteen. “My first song was about skies and stars and night time, it wasn’t very good,” said Ferraro. 

The Midway StateFerraro’s song writing skills have really improved since then. He and his best friend from high school and drummer, Daenen Bramberger started jamming together and after graduation they moved to Toronto and landed a demo gig with producer Gavin Brown. They needed to add to their sound so they posted an ad on the U of T campus. Soon after, they met best buds guitarist Michael Wise and bassist Mike Kirsh.

Thus, the birth of the Midway State, and while these four friends may be making it big, its still all about the music.

“Music excites me in a way that nothing else ever does,” said Wise.

This dedication is shown in their upcoming July 22nd album (TMS will have a review).

“We had these great ideas that just circled around, but in the end we came back to being ourselves,” said Ferarro.

Despite their massive successes, such as being featured on the OC and getting their first music video directed by Sum 41’s Steve-O, these guys are true hometown boys.

The Midway State Live“Whenever we’re away and we come back, we think that Toronto is the best city ever,” says Ferarro.

The boys unanimously decide that their favourite place is their local watering hole, The Pour house. “It is the morning after place with the patio and have a bit of the hair of the dog,” Bramberger.

Unlike rock stars of old, these guys don’t party 24/7 but they do love having a great time.

“We loved going on tour with Lifehouse for like a month, we became a family. We liked to prank each other and one night we came home and all our stuff was like upside down. So to get them back at them we bucked them in their sleep with buckets of ice, turns out it was the wrong guy!” said Kirsh

There were more pranks to follow, but after a bit of pestering Kirsh admits that his prank was one of the best, “I peed all over his room. He was asking for it! But it was all in good fun.”

There will be plenty of fun times of the Midway State upon the release of their new album, but while their stock is on the rise, they’ll still be four regular guys from Toronto.

The Midway State Toronto“We’re really great fantastic guys who are not bad to look at either. Especially our bass player,” joked Ferraro

“But be careful, ‘cause I might pee in your bedroom,” laughed Kirsh.

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