Modernboys Moderngirls embraces change

Modernboys Moderngirls Live NXNE By: Sheena Lyonnais
June 26, 2008

Modern Boys and Modern Girls are just that – a bunch of young Toronto kids who happen to play fun music that makes you want to dance.  Today marks the release of their first full-length record I Might As Well Break It, an album that marks a departure from their scenester reputation by bridging elements of various other genres into their music. 

“We’re moving away from dance rock kind of stuff, what the first EP was all about,” said vocalist Akira Alemany after their NXNE set earlier this month.  “This one has a lot more influence of garage music, soul and funk.  Alan is an amazing, amazing key player, before we couldn’t play keys like that so we couldn’t write those parts, but we used a lot of organs on this record and went for that vibe.”

When most bands record albums the result is typically a reflection of where the band has come thus far.  For MBMG, the album acts as a recorded transition – a phase in the band’s career where everything was changing.

Modernboys Moderngirls NXNE“It’s a very in between record.  It was made with some people who have left, we changed bass players over the course of making this record,” Alemany said.  “Last summer we went from being a female fronted band to being a male fronted band.  We had two songwriters, we switched that to just the one.  The band dynamic changed a lot.  The only thing that is still similar is I’m still there and Brett [Millius] the drummer is still there and we kept the name.” 

Some of the tracks were recorded with back-up vocalist Hannah Krapivinsky, but she now sings in Toronto’s Foxfire. Ryan Charkow recorded all of the bass tracks.

MGMB NXNEMBMG’s NXNE set marked the first show for new members keyboardist Alan Zemaitis and backup vocalists Allison Dee and Nicole Freedom.  Their set was a little sloppy, but despite being a headlining slot it was intended to be a practice for the release party tonight at Wrongbar.

“It’s our job as rock and roll artists to make rock and roll as exciting as anything else that is out there,” Alemany said.  “I find right now some really good rock bands just try to cater, and I understand that but I think when we get up there you realize we’re really passionate about these styles of music and we live it and when you listen to it you realize we never got over the Clash or the Buzzcocks or funk music and to me that is some of the things we really bring into our shows – soul and funk.” 

Noteworthy tracks on the album include “My Baby Says Boy, Don’t You Ever Go” a loud dance-rock attack of catchy hooks and inspired emotion.  “A Hammond Organ Singing” acts as the ballad and is a strong testament to the band’s ability to write lyrics.

MBMG Play The Boat
“We’re very much a songwriting band,” Alemany said.  The album proves this true, showing versatility and promise. 

Check out MBMG’s music at or catch them at Edgefest on July 12.

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