Lucid (Dreams) are made of this

Band Pic of Lucid Dreams By: Erin Fahy
June 4, 2008
Surrounded by the memorabilia of famous rockstars, Lucid’s Anthony Orrico and Albert Carraro (formerly Lucid Dreams) dream of rock grandeur. “We hope to have a career as big as U2, Bon Jovi or the Rolling Stones. They’re still around 20 years later. Its longevity,” said guitarist Orrico.

While Lucid only has only one real CD, one EP and two TV show appearances under their belts, they’re thirsty for more.

“We’re being patient. We know that we’re not going to be stars overnight. We’re working hard at it and we believe in what we got,” said Carraro.

Lucid Dreams LiveThe dream that was Lucid began years ago when Al, at fourteen decided to pick up a guitar after a camping trip. “We were sitting around the camp fire and this guy had a guitar and he started to play some STP (Stone Temple Pilots) and I was like, ‘Wow’. So I went home and found an old classical guitar of my dad’s and started fooling around.”

This lead Al to meet another local boy, John Caira.  Soon they were writing so many songs they didn’t know what to do with them all,  Lucid was then formed in 2004.

They headed into the recording studio, Ciara singing and Carraro playing guitar, but they didn’t have a full band until later. 

Orrico joined the band after hearing them play in studio and becoming a fan. Carraro remembers meeting him at a gig somewhere. “He was staring at me mesmerized and I was a little creeped out…” After a laugh about how bald guys are unintentionally scary, Carraro continued, “He knew I was giving guitar lessons so he asked for lessons and after three, he was good enough to join.”

Promo Pic of Lucid DreamsOrrico’s journey in to Lucid was just as accidental as his start in music. “ I’ve always had a passion for music. I never took it seriously but it was still in my heart. When I met them it was wicked, ‘cause it was music I liked and I could join a band which is what I always wanted to do.”

The band continues to add members, even international ones. Makoto, the bass player, hails from Japan. While Frank Cimino (keyboard) and Gian Paolo Vescio (Drums) are local boys.

These guys live, breath and sleep music, I’m surprised if they don’t compose songs while in the shower or write chords in their sleep.

“Just being able to wake up and say we’re gonna to be practising, we’re gonna  be researching, we’re gonna be making music and hopefully it’ll take us somewhere,” said Carraro.

Their latest material has me believing that they might have what it takes, they just need god-like patience and to give the audience more tunes to love. Their MySpace songs are good, show tight group dynamics, and good lyrical choices. 

Anthony and Al of Lucid DreamsIt’s rock karma: if they are meant to rock stadiums à la Aerosmith, then they’ll pack the Air Canada Centre, but if they are meant to rock out in the tiniest Toronto clubs, then they’ll give their fans a show to remember. I have yet to see these guys perform, but I hope to have that experience soon.  Fame and glory are fading, but good tunes last, and Lucid might have the roots for both.

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