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Lucid Dreams is an indie-rock band from Toronto, Canada, that since its founding in 2004 has built up a strong fan base and momentum in a remarkably short time. The band is comprised of: John Caira (vox), Albert Carraro (lead guitar) Anthony Orrico (rhythm guitar) Gian Paolo Vescio (drums), Makoto (bass) and Frank Cimino (keys). Lucid Dreams debut CD The Way I Feel is an 11-track rock gem that is attracting an unmistakable buzz around the band and its dynamic and contemporary rock sound.

Lucid Dreams was founded by Caira and Carraro. These roots as an acoustic duo explain the strength of songwriting so evident in the music, and the decision to record a full-length album has been the catalyst for a remarkable growth in the sound. Drummer Vescio, having already enjoyed the experience of playing with Carraro in previous promising bands, first agreed to become the rhythmic backbone of the band. Orrico added a second guitar voice half way through the recording of the album, convincing the band with his passion for the music he heard blaring through the studio speakers as he stopped by a session. The final piece was established with the addition of talented and experienced bassist Makoto. The bands musical friendship has not stopped growing since.

Lucid Dreams’ music reflects the highly varied influences and sensibilities of its members. R&B styled drums, funky bass runs, blues/rock inspired guitars, warm acoustic and catchy pop melodies are all part of Lucid Dreams sound fun, hip, high-energy and unique on the Canadian scene. The debut CD skillfully bounces through these variety of styles, a top-notch indie-rock listen all the way through.

Carraro had suggested the name Lucid Dreams from day one, and it serves as inspiration and mantra by suggesting clarity of purpose and indeed the dream of playing music for a living; a lucid dream is a dream in which one is fully aware and in control of the dream. These five musicians certainly take it to heart that nothing can help make their boyhood dreams come true easier than the hard work and dedication. They are most certainly in control of their future, and welcome the challenges that come their way along the journey of getting their sound in as many appreciative ears as possible.

Inspired by the seminal Canadian bands such as Blue Rodeo and The Tragically Hip as well as international essentials such as U2 and Bon Jovi, the band has set an ambitious goal to become Canada’s band. Can Lucid Dreams fulfill that goal? One listen to The Way I Feel will give you all the answers your dreams desire.

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