CD Review: Rebel Emergency

Pic of Rebel Emergeny CD By: Colin Evans
May 21, 2008

The Toronto/New York based Rebel Emergency certainly feel good about life, and you can tell by the seven tunes released on their self-titled debut EP. The Rebels have that Long Beach Californian style that sounds like it could have been recorded on a hot sunny day.

The opening track “Wander Far Away” is a catchy beach-cruising song, but why not just throw on 311’s From Chaos instead?  Even the third track “Walk on By” featuring Panic, which fuses hip hop and ska, sounds like some remix of an older song released eight years ago. There is a refreshing break from the bland ska sounds on the track “Ghosts and Angels,” which is easily the highlight of the album. If you’re looking for something to replace Sublime or even more so 311, these guys are really striving to be their next successors.

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