Winner of The Constantines Contest

Constantines Contest Winners Rústicos Acústicos
The winner of the Constantines contest came all the way from Spain.  Sergio Soler and his band Rústicos Acústicos proved they were serious Constantines fans.  The following is their submission:

Hi I'm Sergio of Rústicos Acústicos. We (Victor, Iván and me) are the guys from the video "nighttime/hippytime es la hostia de guay" that appears in the Constantines' Myspace. We were playing that cover song all across Italy last summer as street musicians (or buskers). Someone stole our money on the first day in Rome, so we had to play hard everyday for some coins. The video was recorded by a German guy that was seeing us. He never sent us the videos or answer our emails as he promised  but  we found his web page ( ) and downloaded the videos.


We are terrible Constantines fans  (believe us, if you want to earn money playing in the street Beatles works much better than Constantines) we enjoyed a lot playing our particular "nighttime/anytime" and screaming the lyrics everyday and every night for fifteen days (you should hear the cover after 2 weeks playing it).

So, I think this true story is the better prove we had to say we are the ultimate Constantines fans. (our video is in his myspace!!! who can say that??). We hope to see Constantines in Spain soon, unfortunately we never could see them.

This is the URL for the video:

our myspace:

Forgive my english & thanks,

Sergio Pérez Soler

Toronto Music Scene would like to thank The Constantines, Arts & Crafts Records, Rústicos Acústicos and everyone who entered the contest.

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